In short we are providing you with a basic but very functional website for your business. We have streamlined the process to get the costs for it down as low as possible but still provide you with a modern website that is all in your name. We do want to tie you to our services for any longer than you want to have them. If you want extra changes then depending upon what you want done we may have to do significant extra work and will have to charge accordingly.

Full usage agreements are available but in general we do not want our servers blacklisted by having bad emails sent and your site using more than its share of bandwidth and other resources. We hope you do get increased business through your website but if it regularly starts consuming more resources than is fair then we may have to take action.

The basic website offer is as follows

Islam Consultancy will

  1. Register a .com or domain of your choice for one year. Domain will be in your name.
  2. Host with 99% uptime your website for one year, subject to bandwidth, content and storage limitations.
  3. Provide and install the website software as seen on this demonstration site. Modifications to more than colours and content may incur an extra cost.
  4. Configure website with your artwork and text.
  5. Provide you with an email box to receive and respond to customer emails. This service is governed by a usage agreement.
  6. Provide you a password so you can manage your site.
  7. License the use of Islam Consultancy’s software modifications to the website code and artwork created for the website to the domain originally used in this offer. This is subject to any additional licenses that are used by the website software and plugins for it.

Your artwork should be in computerised form, preferably vector format or high resolution PNG. For restaurants we may also be able to use PDF menus and logos you have for printing or sign purposes. Islam Consultancy can digitise your existing artwork but it may cost extra.

You should provide some images of your restaurant and food. Islam Consultancy can visit your location to produce photographs but this will cost extra.

By providing Islam Consultancy with artwork, logos and other intellectual property associated with your business you are giving Islam Consultancy permission to modify it for use with your website. We also reserve the right to use the resulting artwork in promotional material for Islam Consultancy.

If you provide PDF menus then they will be hosted, if you provide text menus then they will be added to the site along with any PDF menu.

Islam Consultancy will not be creating or managing any accounts on social media (twitter, facebook) or updating your listings on directory websites (trip advisor). If you already have one then we are happy to link it on your new website.

The longer version of item 7 is that if you decide to leave us and have paid for the service then we are happy for you to continue using the theme, contents and layout. Also we make no claim to any logos, colour schemes, lettering or menus that you have provided for use with this. We can assist you in creating a package to migrate your website, this may incur an additional fee.

Updates after the handoff of the site will be your responsibility. We can provide support for certain aspects of website development but this would be an additional service.

We can not guarantee the contents of your website in the event of a server failure. We take regular backups but we can not provide a guarantee that your data will survive a disaster or server failure.