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Your restaurant may have several offers. You can draw attention to them here.

Corporate and big events

Do you host or cater for corporate events, weddings, parties and the like? Why not inform your customers of this.

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Do you have facilities to dine in? Mention it here.


Food to take away is always popular. It should be on your website.

Do you have a justeat account? Have it linked from your website.

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Tripadvisor is a must for a modern restaurant, have yours linked.

Are you in the the AAA Guide of Excellence? Make it known to your customers.

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Social media is a popular way of reaching your customers. Link from your site to your accounts.


Upcoming events

Valentine’s Day

14th of February is Valentine’s day

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year happens this year on the 19th of February.


The 18th of June marks the start of Ramadan. Are you doing anything for those breaking their fast?